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Session Posters

Les affiches numérotées de 1 à 39 seront accrochées dès le mardi matin dans l’amphi Colbert. Celles numérotées à partir de 40 le seront dès mercredi matin. Les affiches de 1 à 39 seront à enlever le mardi soir après 18h30.

la taille recommandée pour les affiches est A0 (84cm x 119cm)

4 prix du meilleur poster seront délivrés par le bureau de la SCF et la SCI: 2 italiens et 2 français. tentez votre chance!

Numéros d'affiche:Nom, PrénomStatutEtablissementTitreThèmeAuteurs
1Fortunato MarcoPhDUNIGEDifference between NiAl-NO3 and NiFe-NO3 LDHs applied as anodes in Sodium Ion Batteries (SIBs) based on sodium alginate binder.MatériauxFortunato M. Cardinale A.M.
2Castagnotto ElenaPhDUniversity of GenoaINFLUENCE OF Cd1-xZnxS ON THE AGEING OF LINSEED OILMatériauxCastagnotto E., Locardi F., Sandström T. et Ferretti M.
3Chemat AziadéMaster studentAvignonValorization of spent coffee grounds by 2-methyloxolane as bio-based solvent extraction. Viable pathway towards bioeconomy for lipids and biomaterials.EnvironnementChemat A.*, Ravi H., Hostequin A., Burney H., Tomao V., Fabiano-Tixier A.S.
4Bossavit AxelPhDAMU, ICRCombination of radical and coordination-insertion polymerization controlled by organometallicsChimie OrganiqueBossavit A., Siri D., Gigmes D. et Kermagoret A.
5Artigas Ruf AlbertPost-docAMU, CentraleVisualizing electron delocalization in contorted polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with 3D IMS contour mapsChimie Organique/Ch.PhysiqueAlbert Artigas, Denis Hagebaum-Reignier, Yannick Carissan et Yoann Coquerel
6DUMUR FrédéricchercheurAMU, ICREfficient synthesis of N-substituted 1,3-thiazin-2-ones containing sulfonamideChimie OrganiqueBendif B., Ibrahim-Ouali M., Dumur F., Gigmes D.
7Bidotti HugoMaster studentAMU, ICRNew ferrocene derivatives as molecular diodes for rectenna applicationsMatériauxBidotti H., Brunel D., Duché D. et Dumur F.
8Moragues AdrienPhDAMU, Sondes Moléculaires en Biologie et Stress OxydantNovel bifunctional probes for oxidized proteins identification/localizationChimie OrganiqueAdrien Moragues , Sylvia Pietri, Marcel Culcasi et Sophie Thétiot-Laurent
9Fasano AndreaPhDAMU, BIPReversible or irreversible catalysis of H+/H2 conversion by FeFe hydrogenasesChimie PhysiqueAndrea Fasano, Henrik Land, Vincent Fourmond, Gustav Berggren, Christophe Léger
10Hippolyte LéaASIAMU, IMBEPCA evaluation of parameters influencing the radio-oxidation of XLPEs containing additives in electric cables of power plantsChimie PhysiqueLea Hippolyte, Sandrine Amat, Muriel Ferry and Nathalie Dupuy
11Rigoulet FlorianPhDAMU, iSm2Synthesis of azonia polycylic aromatic atropisomersChimie OrganiqueFlorian Rigoulet, Brian Castro Agudelo, Jean Rodriguez et Yoann Coquerel*
12GALIBERT AurelienPhDAMU, ICR/CMOYnamides in radical chemistry : Synthesis of poly-substitued furansChimie OrganiqueAurélien Galibert, Dominique Mouysset, Laurence Feray*
13Pascal SimonChercheurCentre Interdisciplinaire de Nanoscience de MarseilleQuinonediimine ligands for the design of oligomeric coordination complexes and molecular wiresMatériauxSimon Pascal,* Tatiana Munteanu, Lucien Lavaud, Hassib Audi, Gabriel Canard, Vijai M. Santhini, Christian Wäckerlin, Aleš Cahlík, Jack Hellerstedt, Jesús I. Mendieta-Moreno, Pavel Jelínek, Olivier Siri
14Rico AlexandreMaster studentAMU, ICRBis-chalcone derivatives derived from natural products as promising near-UV/visible light sensitive photoinitiators of polymerizationMatériauxRico A., Chen H., Noirbent, G., Gigmes, D., Lalevée J. et Dumur F
15Marra FrancescoPhDTurinA lithium amide-promoted preparation of BINOL-derived carboxamides under bench-type aerobic conditionsChimie OrganiqueMarra F., Antenucci A., Ghinato S., Prandi C., Blangetti M.
16De Nardi FedericaPhDTurinUltrafast chemo- and regioselective anionic Fries rearrangement promoted by lithium amides under aerobic conditions in sustainable reaction mediaChimie OrganiqueFederica De Nardi, Simone Ghinato, Achille Antenucci, Cristina Prandi and Marco Blangetti
17Pujol ManonthèseAMUEngineering of Lytic Polysaccharide MonoOxygenasesChimie OrganiquePujol M. *(1), Munzone A. (1), Réglier M. (1), Royant A. (2,3), Simaan A. J. (1) and Decroos C. (1)
18Recupido AntonioPhDAMUBifunctional Iodoazolium Salts: Searching for Cooperation Between Halogen Bonding and Hydrogen Bonding.Chimie OrganiqueAntonio Recupido, David Givaudan, Bohdan Biletskyi, Olivier Chuzel, Thierry Constantieux et Xavier Bugaut
19Ascrizzi EleonoraPhDTurinAb initio characterization of vanadium species at TiO2 anatase surfacesChimie PhysiqueEleonora Ascrizzi, Anna Maria Ferrari
20Percivale Matteomaster studentGenoaA study of modified Co/SiO2 catalysts for CO2 hydrogenationMatériauxPercivale Matteo, Riani Paola* et Garbarino Gabriella*
21MOUROT BenjaminPhDAMU, Centre Interdisciplinaire de Nanoscience de MarseilleCoupling principle among polymethinesChimie OrganiqueBenjamin Mourot, Simon Pascal and Olivier Siri
22Bourdillon SofianePhDAMUHost-Guest interactions between cyclodextrins and beta-phosphorylated nitroxidesChimie PhysiqueBourdillon Sofiane
23Paoli-Lombardo RomainPhDAMU, ICRSynthesis and antileishmanial SAR study of new 5- and 7-substituted 3-nitroimidazo[1,2-a]pyridine using SNAr and cross-coupling reactionsChimie OrganiquePaoli-Lombardo R. * (1), Primas N. (1), Hutter S. (2), Castera-Ducros C. (1), Bourgeade-Delmas S. (3), Sournia-Saquet A. (3), Valentin A. (3), Azas N. (2), Verhaeghe P. (3), Rathelot P. (1) and Vanelle P. (1)
24Mabrouk kamelPhDAMU, ICRSynthesis and Structure-activity Relationship study of New antimicrobial peptides derived from Polistes gallicus hymenopteran venom.Chimie OrganiqueChloé Mollet, Hamza Oleik, Soioulata Aboudou, Yasmine Boughanmi, Awatef Ouertani, Amor Mosbah, Harold de Pomyers, Didier Gigmes, Marc Marresca & Kamel Mabrouk
25EMBO-IBOUANGA Ange WilfridPhDAMU, ICRAlkoxyamines Designed as Potential Drugs against Plasmodium ParasiteChimie OrganiqueAnge Wilfrid Embo-Ibouanga, Gérard Audran et Sylvain R. A. Marque.
26AVENDANO LEON Oscar LeonardoPhDAMUInnovative structures for neglected diseases: original amidoximes as antileishmanial agents.Chimie OrganiqueAVENDANO Oscar, CURTI Christophe, KABRI Youssef, REDON Sebastien et VANELLE Patrice.
27Panosetti MarcPhDUCA, ICNDesign, synthesis and biological evaluation of new RNA ligands targeting miRNA-210: modulation of the circadian clock for cancer therapyChimie OrganiquePanosetti Marc, Grimaldi Benedetto, Di Giorgio Audrey and Duca Maria
28Aimone CleliaMaster studentTurinOrange Peel Waste valorization: a pilot scale biorefinery studyEnvironnementAimone C. *, Grillo G., Mantegna S., Solarino, R., Cravotto G.
29Matencio Adriánpost-docTurinDextrin-based Nanosponges as an interesting material for drug delivery and bioapplicationsMatériaux/Chimie organiqueAdrián Matencio, Gjylije Hoti, Fabrizio Caldera, Claudio Cecone, Alberto Rubin Pedrazzo, Silvia Lucia Appleton, Yousef Khazaei Monfared and Francesco Trotta
30FIL Maximilienmaster2AMUDesign of new iminium salts involved in the fight against MalariaChimie OrganiqueM. Casanova, M. Fil, Y. Zhao, S. Hutter, P. Vanelle, N. Azas, J. Broggi
31Gentilini EmiliePhDUCA, ICNAsymmetric Gold-Catalyzed Addition of Carbonyl Compounds on 1,6-EnynesChimie OrganiqueEmilie Gentilini, Aurélien Dupeux, Véronique Michelet
32Truchon AlexisPhDUCA, ICNGold-Catalyzed One-Pot Cycloisomerization/Nucleophilic Addition /Rearrangement of Acenaphtylene CarbaldehydeChimie OrganiqueTruchon A, Dupeux A, Olivero S, Michelet V.
33MARTINAUX PhilippePhDUCAGold Catalysis: an Entry to Hedonic Materials for Fragrance IndustryChimie OrganiqueMartinaux P., Marin C., Michelet V.
34Mustière RomainPhDAMUPharmacomodulations of antiplasmodial thienopyrimidinone hit with multi-stage activityChimie OrganiqueMustière R., Hutter S., Dell’Orco V., Amanzougaghene N., Tajeri S., Amrane D., Paoli-Lombardo R., Deraeve C., Azas N., Verhaeghe P., Mazier D., Primas N. and Vanelle P.
35ASSANI NadhrataPhDAMU, ICRGeneration of powerful organic electron donors by water-assisted decarboxylation of benzimidazolium carboxylatesChimie OrganiqueGuillaume Tintori, Arona Fall, Nadhrata Assani, Yuxi Zhao, David Bergé-Lefranc, Sébastien Redon, Patrice Vanelle, et Julie Broggi.
36Miranda Murillo Jean-PierrePhDGenoaSYNTHESIS OF COBALT-IRON NANO-STRUCTURED ALLOYS BY HYDROGEN ANNEALING OF SPINEL IRON OXIDE NANOPARTICLESMatériaux/Chimie PhysiqueJean-Pierre Miranda Murillo, Maryam Abdolrahimi, Alexander Omelyanchik, Pierfrancesco Maltoni, Fabio Michele Canepa, Diego Colombara, Davide Peddis
37Chemat AziadechercheurAvignonValorization of spent coffee grounds by 2-methyloxolane as bio-based solvent extraction. Viable pathway towards bioeconomy for lipids and biomaterials.EnvironnementChemat A.*, Ravi H., Hostequin A., Burney H., Tomao V., Fabiano-Tixier A.S.
38Coquerel YoannchercheurAMUAryne atropisomers: enantioselective generation and synthetic applicationsChimie OrganiqueGuillaume Dauvergne, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Michel Giorgi, Jean-Valère Naubron, Xavier Bugaut, Jean Rodriguez, Yannick Carissan, Yoann Coquerel
39Camorali SaraPhDUniversità del Piemonte OrientaleWho is triaza-macrocycle Cinderella? A study to find the perfect match for Fe(III) complexationChimie OrganiqueCamorali S., Tei L.
40Roux HugoPhDAMUSynthesis of new broad-spectrum inhibitors for enterovirusChimie OrganiqueRoux H., Khoumeri O., Touret F., Coluccia A., Gattacecca F., Fanciullino R., Silvestri R., Nougairede A., Roche M. et Vanelle P.
41Benech AlexandrePhDAMU, ICRMn(OAc)3 free radical chemistry for new antimalarial quinonesChimie OrganiqueBenech A., Khoumeri O., Curti C., Vanelle P.
42Grasso FedericaPhDGenoaMonitoring of the lipid oxidation of dehydrated by-products coming from tuna processingEnvironnementTurrini F., Grasso F., Orlandi V., Dondero L., Grasselli E. et Boggia R.
43Rigoulet FlorianPhDAMU, Ism2Synthesis of azonia polycyclic aromatic atropisomersChimie OrganiqueFlorian Rigoulet, Brian Castro Agudelo, Jean Rodriguez et Yoann Coquerel*
44Orlandi ValentinaPhDGenoaMonitoring of the lipid oxidation of dehydrated by-products coming from tuna processingEnvironnementTurrini F., Grasso F., Orlandi V., Dondero L., Grasselli E. et Boggia R
45POISSON MariePhDAMUDihydrogen bioinspired photoproductionEnvionnement/Chimie OrganiquePoisson M. Papadakis M. Charalambidis G. Ladomenou, K. Coutsolelos A. G. Massin J. Orio M. Hardré R.
46CHEN PengPhDCentre Interdisciplinaire de Nanoscience de Marseille, Aix-Marseille UniversityAmphiphilic poly(aminoester) dendrimer for effective delivery of siRNA therapeuticsMatériauxChi Ma, Dandan Zhu, Peng Chen, Ling Peng and Xiaoxuan Liu
47Hagebaum-Reignier DenischercheurAMUFormation of glyceraldehyde and glycerol in interstellar ice analogs: a water and radical-assisted mechanism?Chimie PhysiqueC. Dim and D. Hagebaum-Reignier
48LEFAY CatherinechercheurAMUA versatile and straightforward process to turn plastics into antibacterial materialsMatériauxS. Hadiouch, M. Maresca, Y. Guillaneuf et C. Lefay *
49Massardo SaraPhDGenovaNon-ambient structural and spectroscopic studies on different doped ceria systems for energy applicationsMatériauxS. Massardo*, C. Artini, M. M. Carnasciali, and M. Pani
50Julliard Paul-GabrielPhDAMU, CinamMeso-poly-halogeno-alkyl-dipyrromethanes as a building block for the synthesis of functional corroles and porphyrinsChimie Organique/bio-organiqueJulliard Paul-Gabriel, Pascal Simon, Siri Olivier, Cortés-Arriagada Diege, Sanhueza Luis, Canard Gabriel
51Vivado DavidePhDGenovaCombining voltammetric and mass spectrometric data to evaluate iron organic speciation in subsurface coastal seawater samples of the Ross Sea (Antarctica)Environnement/MatériauxDavide Vivado, Francisco Ardini, Annalisa Salis, Gianluca Damonte, Paola Rivaro
52Roussel TomPhDCentre Interdisciplinaire de Nanoscience de MarseilleSelf-assembling supramolecular dendrimer nanosystems for tumor imagingMatériauxLing Ding, Tom Roussel, Jingjie Tang, Philippe Garrigue, Beatrice Louis, Ahlem Bouhlel, Aura Tintaru, Zhenbin Lyu, Samantha Fernandez, Laure Balasse, Suzanne Giorgio, Benjamin Guillet, and Ling Peng*
53JOLY Jean-Patrickpost-docAMU, ICRActivatable Alkoxyamine-based prodrugs that are cytotoxic in the presence of Neutrophil elastase onlyChimie OrganiqueJoly J-P., Seren S., Bouchaud V., Audran G., Marque S., Voisin P. et Mellet P.
54Leseigneur GuillaumePhDUCA, ICNLa Stéréochimie des Hydrocarbures Isoprénoïdes comme Fossiles Moléculaires: Conséquences pour la Recherche de Vie Ancienne sur Mars / The Stereochemistry of Isoprenoid Hydrocarbons as Molecular Fossils: Implications for the Search of Extinct Life on MarsChimie physique/Chimie OrganiqueGuillaume Leseigneur, Uwe Meierhenrich
55AMAT SandrineIngénieurAMU, IMBE, Avignon, BologneInfluence of gamma irradiation on electric cable models: study of additive effects by infrared spectroscopy and dielectric materialsChimie PhysiqueAmat S., Hippolyte L., Suraci S. V., Dupuy N., Maléchaux A., Fabiani D., Le Gall C. and Juan O.
56Colonna PierrePhDAMU, ISM2A small ring into the bigger pictureChimie OrganiqueP. Colonna, B. Biletskyi, M. Dousset, L. Commeiras, G. Chouraqui
57Ralahy BriginoPhDAMU, CiNAMFluorinated dendrimers as 19F-MRI imaging probesMatériauxZhenbin Lyu(1), Brigino Ralahy(1), Ling Ding(1), Yifan Jiang(1), Aura Tintaru(1), Teodora-Adriana Perles-Barbacaru(2), Angele Viola(2) and Ling Peng(1)*
58Munteanu TatianaPhDAMU, CinamPhenazines chemistry: an unexpected synthetic route towards N- and C-substituted dyesChimie OrganiqueTatiana Munteanu, Simon Pascal, Olivier Siri
59Boughanmi YasminePhDAMUFrom animal venoms to new antitumoral molecules: Identifications, physicochemical and pharmacological characterizationschimie analytiqueYasmine Boughanmi.,Caroline Berenguer., Christine Delfino ., Pascal Mansuelle., Regine Romi. , Soioulata Aboudou. , Harold de Pomyers., Didier Gigmes., L’Houcine Ouafik. Kamel Mabrouk. 1
60YEN-PON Expéditepost-docAMU, StéréoHeterohelicenes through 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition of Sydnones with ArynesChimie OrganiqueYEN-PON Expédite, FREDERIC Lucas, BUTTARD Floris, THUERY Pierre, TARAN Frédéric, PIETERS Grégory, CHAMPAGNE Pier Alexandre, AUDISIO Davide
61Labate MariaPhDTorinoNon-invasive analysis of late mediaeval goldsmith’s materials: piedmontese reliquary busts in comparisonMatériauxLabate Maria, Aceto Maurizio, Castronovo Simonetta, Operti Lorenza, Agostino Angelo
62Spennati ElenaPost-docGenoaA study of Ni/SiO2 catalysts for CO2 hydrogenationMatériauxJulliard Paul-Gabriel, Pascal Simon, Siri Olivier, Cortés-Arriagada Diege, Sanhueza Luis, Canard Gabriel
63HOTI GJYLIJEPhDTurinNano spray drying technique as a novel approach to synthesize dextrin-based polymers nanoparticlesMatériaux/chimie organiqueGjylije Hoti*, Fabrizio Caldera, Claudio Cecone, Alberto Rubin Pedrazzo, Adriàn Matencio, Yousef Khazaei Monfared, and Francesco Trotta
64MASSON KevinPhDAMU, ISm2An Original Donor-Acceptor Cyclopropane for the Thermal Synthesis of Carbocyclic Eight-Membered RingsChimie OrganiqueKevin MASSON, Jean-Luc PARRAIN, Laurent COMMEIRAS, Paola NAVA and Gaëlle CHOURAQUI
65Pasquini Lucas chercheurAMU, MadirelInvestigation of the hydration and the ionic conductivity of cation and anion – conducting ionomers in buffer solutionsMatériaux/chimie organiquePasquini L., Knauth P., Di Vona M. L.
66Luca AndreoPhDTurinNovel organic-inorganic gold iodide perovskites: a new synthetic approachMatériauxLuca Andreo, Emanuele Priola, Alessia Giordana, Stefano Pantaleone, Lorenza Operti et Eliano Diana
67SHAO NAPhDAMU, Ism2Synthetic economies in 1,3-diols preparationChimie OrganiqueNa SHAO, Jean RODRIGUEZ, Adrien QUINTARD
68Papatola FrancescostudentGenovaMagnetic Nanostructures: A smart platform for biomedical applicationsChimie OrganiqueF. Papatola 1, M.Salvador 3 , M.Rivas 3, F. Canepa 1 D. Peddis 1,2 and S. Slimani 1,2
69Miton LouisePhDAMU, Ecole CentraleAnion-pi interactions in confined spaceChimie OrganiqueLouise Miton; Yoann Cotelle; Alexandre Martinez
70Delpy Florianepost-docUTLN, IM2NPProduction of nanoplastics and their ecotoxicological effects on the photosynthetic pigments of marine microalgaeEnvironnementF. Delpy, C. Aguini, A. Bonneau, M. Pivin, Y. Lucas, P. Merdy
71DUMUR FrédéricchercheurAMU, ICRIn situ generation of Ag nanoparticles during photopolymerization : 3D/4D printing applicationsMatériauxChen H., Noirbent G., Liu S., Gigmes D., Lalevée J., F. Dumur
72Gullo FrancescastagiaireUniversità degli studi del Piemonte OrientaleDevelopment of sulphur-containing carbon derived from hyper-cross-linked polymers for CO2 captureMatériauxGullo F. , Begni F. , Geo P. , Marchese L. et Gatti G.
73Gulino FedericaEtudiantUniversità degli Studi del Piemonte OrientaleAuthentication and traceability of the Mandorla di Avola almond by means of trace elements distributionChimie de l’environnementGulino F., Siragusa C., Calà E., Gullo F. et Aceto M.
74Ferrer FlorianPhDAix Marseille Université, Institut de Chimie RadicalaireDétection et quantification des centres azote-lacune dans les diamants synthétiques par RPEChimie PhysiqueFerrer Florian, Ziarelli Fabio, Viel Stéphane
75Djellal AhmedchercheurDepartment of chemistry, faculty of sciences, University of Annaba AlgeriaSome Ionic liquids catalyzed Biginelli reaction under solvent free conditionsChimie OrganiqueAhmed Djellal
76Carissan YannickchercheurAix-Marseille UniversitéDesigning Benzenoids With Defined PropertiesChimie Physique Yannick Carissan, Denis Hagebaum-Reignier, Nicolas Prcovic, Cyril Terrioux and Adrien Varet
77Poungsripong peeranuchPhDAix-Marseille UniversitéNanomaterials synthesis and assembling towards solution-processed elaboration of rectenna devicesMatériauxPoungsripong Peeranuch, Duché David, Margeat Olivier, and Sciacca Beniamino
78Bouzina LilaChercheurFaculté des sciences Tlemcen-Algérie Colloid-polymer mixture in proteiin limit sans studyPoster