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L’université de Toulon a le plaisir d’offrir aux participants des JFIC-2022 un cocktail le mardi soir 26 avril et les déjeuners des 26 et 27 avril 2022.

Devant le très grand nombre de demandes de communications dans la session matériaux / environnement / chimie physique, nous avons dû basculer certaines d’entre elles dans la session affichée « Chimie organique »

Le JFIC2022 est une rencontre transdisciplinaire où tous les aspects de la chimie sont abordés. Pour que votre exposé soit réussi, nous vous suggérons que votre introduction présente les principaux concepts et idées de votre recherche de manière très accessible, en particulier pour un public non spécialiste.

La durée totale de la communication orale classique est strictement de 14 min, y compris la discussion, il est donc recommandé que votre présentation n’excède pas 10 min.

Les conférences plénières et invitées durent 30 ou 40 minutes : 20 ou 30 minutes d’exposé suivi de 10 minutes de questions. Voir le programme.

Programme du Mardi 26 avril 2022

Mardi 26 avril 2022Amphi COLBERT
8h00Accueil des participants
8h45Ouverture de la journée – discours de bienvenue
(30’ oral+ 10’ Q)
conférences plénières
(30’ oral+ 10’ Q)
Uwe MEIERHENRICH, Université Côte d’Azur, France (Grand prix 2022)
"3D Presentation: ESA's Mission Rosetta-Philae - the search for organic molecules on a comet"
9h40-10h20 (30’ oral+ 10’ Q)Piero UGLIENGO, Université de Turin, Italie
" From Astrochemistry to Prebiotic Chemistry through the Eyes of Computer Molecular Modeling"
10h20-10h30Présentation du Club des jeunes de la SCF et SCI
10h30-11h15Pause-café et SESSION POSTERS
10’ oral + 5’ QuestionsAmphi COLBERTSalle Raimu 1
10’ oral + 5’ QuestionsSESSION 1 : Chimie Organique et Bio-organique SESSION 2 : Chimie des Matériaux et Chimie de l’Environnement
11h15-11h30Communication oraleFederica MINUTO, Univ. Genova
A novel photoinduced multicomponent reaction to β-Lactams: Ketene 3-Component Staudinger Reaction (K-3CSR)
Lorenzo FENOCCHIO, Univ. Genova
High Entropy Alloys (HEAs): Thermodynamic Simulations for High-Temperature Applications
11h30-11h45Communication oraleManuel BARDAY, AMU, ISM2
NHC-catalysed atroposelective desymmetrisation of maleimides: complete control towards highly functionnalised heterocycles.
Electrochemical studies of CO2-reducing metalloenzymes
11h45-12h00Communication oraleMariacristina FAILLA, Turin
Metallo β-Lactamases inhibitors: new tools against Bacterial Multidrug Resistance
David Javier CASTRO RODRIGUEZ, Politecnico di Torino
Experimental Array to Evaluate Different Operative Parameters in Bioremediation of Hydrocarbon-Polluted Soil
12h00-12h15Communication oraleIryna SHCHEHOLEVA, UCA, ICN
Diversity-oriented synthesis of small molecules applied to the discovery of new inhibitors of oncogenic miRNAs production
Christian CRAVOTTO, Univ. Avignon
Higher yield and polyphenol content in olive pomace oil extracted using 2-methyloxolane
12h15-12h30Communication oraleFrancesconi VALERIA, Univ. Genova
Multitarget agents in Alzheimer's disease: development of xanthenone-based derivatives
Giovanni PAMPARARO, Univ. Genova
Cu-SiO2 catalysts made by Aerosol Assisted Sol-gel method as promising materials for ethanol non oxidative dehydrogenation
12h30-13h45BUFFET et Session POSTER
Amphi COLBERTSalle Raimu 1
10’ oral + 5’ QuestionsSESSION 1 : Chimie Organique et Bio-organiqueSESSION 2 : Chimie des Matériaux et Chimie de l’Environnement
13h45-14h00Communication oraleEnzo VAIEDELICH, AMU, ICR
Shifting-nitroxides as the new Overhauser-enhanced MRI probes for in-vivo evaluation using enzymatic activities.
Ashwini Reddy NALLAYAGARI, AMU, Madirel
Role of carbon quantum dots and anion exchange ionomer as a multiphase electrode for the oxygen reduction reaction
14h00-14h15Communication oraleTullio CROVETTO, Univ. Genova
Synthesis of new solid state-fluorescent furo[2,3-c]isoquinolines via Ugi reaction and subsequent Pd-catalyzed transformations
Nicolò GHIBAUDO, Univ. Genova
Application of a D-Optimal Design of experiments to a photocatalytic pilot plant for environmental issues.
14h15-14h30Communication oraleGuillaume LESEIGNEUR, UCA, ICN
La Stéréochimie des Hydrocarbures Isoprénoïdes comme Fossiles Moléculaires: Conséquences pour la Recherche de Vie Ancienne sur Mars / The Stereochemistry of Isoprenoid Hydrocarbons as Molecular Fossils: Implications for the Search of Extinct Life on Mars
Photodegradation of organic pollutant rhodamine B by a zinc phosphate-based composite
14h30-14h45Communication oraleDinesh DHUMAL , AMU, Cinam
Dynamic self-assembling supramolecular dendrimer nanosystems as potent antibacterial candidates against drug-resistant bacteria and biofilm
Davide PALMA, Univ. Turin
Re-thinking the role of natural organic matter in water treatment processes
14h45-15h00Communication oraleArthur GAUCHERAND, AMU, ISM2
Simultaneous Control of Central and Helical Stereogenic Elements on Small Molecules
Alessandro COSSARD, Univ. Turin
Topology of the Electron Density and of Its Laplacian from Periodic LCAO Calculations on f -Electron Material
15h00-15h15Communication oraleArthur GAUCHERAND, AMU, ISM2
Marta GALLO, Univ. Turin
Vitamin D3: three possible strategies for its topical delivery
Benchmark on cobalt systems relevant for reactivity
15h15-15h30Communication oraleTereza HORACKOVA, AMU, Cinam
Towards a new generation of (di-)zwitterionic quinones and macrocycles
Emanuele PRIOLA, Univ. Turin
Solid-state peculiarities and polymorphism in imidazo[1,5-α]pyridine dyes
15h30-15h45Communication oraleNicolas GIACOLETTO, AMU, ICR
Coumarin-Based Oxime Esters : New photoinitiators for visible light photopolymerization
Marta CAMPOLUCCI, Univ. Genova
Mn – based Hybrid Metal Halides for Optoelectronic Applications
15h45-16h30Pause café et SESSION POSTERS
16h30-16h35Presentation IUPAC (Sylvain Marque, AMU, ICR)

Remise du Prix de thèse

16h35-17h05Conférence Lauréat 1Enrico SARTORETTI , Politecnico di Torino, Italie
“Doped ceria nanostructures for the oxidation of pollutants: investigations into the role of defect sites”
17h05-17h35Conférence Lauréat 2Guillaume BARNOIN, UCA, France
“Intermolecular dark resonance energy transfer (DRET): Applications to the fluorogenic detection of nucleic acids”
Conférences invitées/
17h30-18h00Conférence invitéeSilvia BODOARDO, Université de Turin, Italie
"Post Li-ion and disruptive technologies for advanced and innovative batteries: what is Europe doing?”
18h00-18h30Conférence invitéeJalila SIMAAN, Aix-Marseille Université, France
« structure-function relationships in copper-containing enzymes: from fundamental studies to the development of bioinspired catalysts »

Programme du Mercredi 27 avril 2022

Mercredi 27 avril 2022Amphi COLBERT
8h30Accueil des participants
9h00-9h40conférences Invitées
30’ oral + 10’ Questions
Carla VILLA, Université de Gênes, Italie
« Ecofriendly microwave extraction of agrofood waste for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications”
9h40-10h20Christine BRESSY, Université de Toulon, France
"When chemistry deals with marine biofouling"
10h20-11h00Pause café et session POSTER
Amphi COLBERTSalle Raimu 1
10’ oral + 5’ QuestionsSESSION 1 : Chimie Organique et Bio-organique SESSION 2 : Chimie des Matériaux et Chimie de l’Environnement
11h00-11h15Communication oraleLouise MITON, AMU, Ecole Centrale
Anion-pi interactions in confined space
Maria Alessia VECCHIO, Univ. Genova
Strontium isotopic analysis of Antarctic snow samples by multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
11h15-11h30Communication oraleMilane SAIDAH, AMU, ISM2
Enantioselective construction of tetrasubstituted carboncenter.
Erika Michela DEMATTEIS, Univ. Turin
Mn-substituted TiFe alloys for large scale hydrogen storage: a neutron diffraction study
11h30-11h45Communication oraleAlessio GIOVE, UTLN, Mapiem
Synthesis of new selective monomers for the design of original Ni(II) and Co(II) ion imprinted polymers
Sawssen SLIMANI, Univ. Genova
Interplay between magnetic anisotropy and interparticle interactions in crystalline-amorphous nanocomposite
11h45-12h00Communication oralEmilie GENTILINI, UCA, ICN
Asymmetric Gold-Catalyzed Addition of Carbonyl Compounds on 1,6-Enynes
Alessia GIORDANA, Univ. Turin
Biostimulant and biofertilizer from waste valorisation: the different behaviour of humic and fulvic acid on hydroxyapatite
12h00-12h15Communication oraleGuillaume BRULAY , AMU, ICR
Synthesis and studies of SBA-15 materials functionalized with transcient radical precursors.
Barbara BENEDETTI, Univ. Genova
Evaluation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons contamination in botanical extracts for human consumption: development of a specific sample pre-treatment method followed by GC-MS analysis
12h15-12h30Communication oralXueyang LIU, AMU, ISM2
Indirect Enantiocontrol of Tertiary Alcohols and Quaternary Centers by Acylative Organocatalytic Kinetic Resolution
Monica RIGOLETTO, Univ. Turin
Valorization of an agro-industrial waste: synthesis of soybean hulls derivatives-based hybrid materials for water purification
AmphiAmphi COLBERTSalle Raimu 1
13h30-13h40Lauréats du grand prix
(30’ oral + 10’ Q)
« Ion-conducting nanomaterials: a lot of movement in small domains”
(30’ oral + 10’ Q)
Paola RIVARO, Université de Gênes, Italie
“Variability in chemical properties of the Ross Sea (Antarctica) waters and links to climate change: the results of our observations from 90’s to today”
15h00 – 15h10Lauréats du prix poster
15h10 – 15h20Cérémonie de clôture